High-Performance Jaw Crusher For Sand Making2020-01-07

High-Performance Jaw Crusher For Sand Making

Summary:The jaw crusher can crush the rock into sand, and the stones on the roadside can be sold for a good price. The output and quality of the sand plant determine it

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The jaw crusher can crush the rock into sand, and the stones on the roadside can be sold for a good price. The output and quality of the sand plant determine its benefits. The high-efficiency jaw crusher can shorten the sand crushing cycle. The sand production efficiency is high. In the same time, the sand production is higher, which brings more benefits to users. High-efficiency jaw crusher easily breaks stones into sand, and stones can also be sold at high prices.

High-Performance Jaw Crusher For Sand Making

Jaw crusher is specially used for crushing stone processing. It can process stones into sand for sale. This kind of sand is called artificial sand, also called machine sand, which can be used instead of natural sand. For first-time users of sand and gravel production, we recommend the C6X jaw crusher with high performance and crushing jaw crusher. Its cost performance is very high, the working performance is more perfect than the straight-through type, and the single machine price is not as high as HVI. Working in a fixed production line, it can also be mounted on a mobile pallet truck to form a mobile jaw crusher, which is more efficient for crushing stones.

Introduction of C6X high-efficiency jaw crusher

It is a straight-through upgrade model. The whole machine has the advantages of large throughput, high crushing efficiency, good sand production, easy maintenance, strong controllability, and environmental protection.

High yield and low consumption

The crushing cavity type is reasonable, the design of the deep cavity rotor, the material throughput is larger, the design of the impact angle is reasonable, the output is increased by nearly 30%, at the same time, the wear rate of the equipment is reduced, and the processing cost is controlled;

Into the sand is good

The crushing structure adopts two types of cavity: "stone-to-stone" and "stone-to-iron". One machine is multi-purpose and can freely change the sand making mode. The finished product has good grain shape, reasonable gradation, adjustable fineness modulus, and sand material can reach Sand requirements for high-standard buildings;

Environmental protection sand

The air self-circulation system can reduce the amount of exhaust air, control dust, reduce noise, achieve environmental protection and make sand, support the configuration of dust removal equipment with different specifications, and enhance environmental protection efforts;

Low failure rate and easy maintenance

Built-in lubrication station, thin oil lubrication, provides sufficient speed range, keeps the bearings always in a stable lubrication state, reduces the risk of equipment failure, and the hydraulic cover opening device is convenient for maintenance.

Sand crushing case of fixed production line

In the following video, a fixed production solution is adopted. In addition to the C6X crushing jaw crusher, it also includes feeding, screening, and cleaning equipment to form a fixed production line. Due to the large material specifications, the crusher is introduced and the crushing + crushing frosting mode is adopted. The sand production efficiency is higher. The production line has medium specifications, with an output of 80-100 tons per hour.

Sand crushing case of mobile production line

For crushing operations where the material distribution is not fixed, a mobile sand crushing production line can be selected. This production line in Guangdong uses the mobile jaw crusher produced by Shanghai Shibang Industrial Technology Group, which occupies less space and has better environmental adaptability. It comes with a diesel motor and can operate without electricity without foundation. The fuselage is fixed with bolts and the structure design is reasonable. The vibration generated by the fuselage can be transferred to the hydraulic outriggers to keep the crushing jaw crusher able to maintain stable operation. After the work is completed, the whole machine can leave the field at any time, and the semi-trailer is very convenient.

Crushed stone into sand, stones can also sell for high prices

If you have a preliminary understanding of the sand and stone industry, you may feel that today's artificial sand materials are more expensive. Natural sand is banned in many places, which stimulates the market development of machine-made sand and attracts a large number of people to invest in sand making. in. There are many stones that can be used for sand production, such as bluestone, pebble, granite, basalt, etc. Even construction waste can be used to produce machine-made sand.

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